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Advanced Practice Esthetician Study Guide (AP study)

Student Study Guide


This MN Advanced (AP) Esthetician study guide is designed to assist you with your current studying and taking the tests for the Advanced Esthetician General Theory and Advanced Esthetician Written Practical Examinations. This is only a study guide and is not a guarantee of passing any tests.
Course is valid for 30 days.

  • Welcome
  • Welcome
  • AP PSI bulletin sample
  • All About AP Esthetics Guide 9-10 pdf
  • 2018 Adopted AP Esthetic Rules 2105.pdf
  • Safe Working Conditions & Practices
  • HIPAA information
  • HIPAA and Minors
  • Infection Control
  • Standard Precautions for Exposure Incidents
  • ae precautions for exposure incidents spark_quiz_scorm_12
  • Needlestick injuries
  • Adverse or Allergic Reaction
  • advanced esthetician whirl game_quiz_scorm_12 _4_
  • Client Consultation
  • Client consultation game
  • Client consultation quiz
  • Skin Structure & Physiology
  • Skin structure and physiology game
  • Advanced Exfoliation
  • ae advanced exfoliation whirl game_quiz_scorm_12 _1_
  • Advanced Skin Care Treatments
  • How to Grade Burns Video
  • Advanced Skin Treatment Whirl 2019
  • Skin Needling
  • Micro needling and radio frequency
  • Skin Pen
  • Advanced Practice Esthetican Laws and Rules
  • AP Laws and Rules
  • Written Practical Safety & Infection Control
  • Skin Analysis
  • skin analysis game
  • Advanced Exfoliation
  • Exfoliation and advanced skin care treatments game
  • AE advanced skin care treatments spark 2019
  • Advanced Skin Care Treatments
  • Advanced skin care treatments practical quiz
  • Applications
  • 2018-19 AP Esthi Operator Grandfathering Application pdf
  • 2018-19 AP Esthi Salon Manager Grandfathering Application pdf
  • 2018-19 AP Esthi Instructor Grandfathering Application pdf
  • 2018-19 AP Esthetician Student Grandfathering Application pdf
  • Completion
  • Thank you
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed